Blessed You're Still

from by Autumn Above



It's hard to believe that I never believed I'd be leaving you
To wade in the vortex, your value inflating, escaping me
To the back of my mind, exiled by perspective and better days
Of self-medication, yet productive thinking, your power strays

And I'll take the blame for everything I've done
Why should you have it all?
Come on, let's give credit where credit's due
You seem so sure of yourself these days won't last
I'm guessing all these weak contemplations:
Novelties, a passing phase in contrast

Quit reaching out for remedy
Bite down on this, taste something sweet

I picture you sitting there, old man in a rocking chair, feeling safe
Your eyes start to sting and you smile cause you know that this is the end
The searchlight's behind you, the dogs couldn't follow your vile scent
You continue to dig yourself through, while above the sirens lament

If I'm not broken, then what then? (still he carries that piece of you)
Would your actions be now excused? (you wish you believed in a Hell)
Or would you lie awake with regret? (to see him suffer before curtain call)
To know that I'm rid of you? (what would you give just to see this through?)

You're counting on karma to creep up behind, yet you're torn
Delivering what he deserves, your chance to be reborn
Imagine a you unaltered and relieved of all guilt
No question of identity, not with his blood then spilt

You're sick of fishing for mistook sympathies
And dancing within the clouds you're conjuring
Meanwhile, you've just realized how blessed you are still
Inevitably, one day you'll lose the will

You're counting the days as you cower beneath wide awake
Delivering what he deserves: your decision to make?
Imagine a you unaltered and atoned for all guilt
No question of identity, not with his blood then spilt...


from Blessed You're Still, released March 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Autumn Above Beverly, Massachusetts

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