Feeding Fears

from by Autumn Above



(oh no - not again)
(slow down - thoughts in this head)
Fixing mistakes before we make them
Instilled in me when I was young
The only one who understood this...
She knows, she knows...

You taught me how to keep this quiet
Not sure you knew any other way to keep me right, just keep this light
What will all these futures betray?
A lesson learned in evolution- hungry hearts are rarely caught
These jokes we tell are just self-preservation, and tragedies only what we make of them

(come on)
Why don't you find answers where we've looked before?
Spiraling out, out of control
Cannot show
Of telling no one of what we know
(goddammit, stop this nonsense)

With all these projects, we keep it moving, preoccupying our worried minds
We keep it light, yeah try not to fight
What we'll become, yeah we'll be alright
Our constant lessons, our revolutions
Our hungry hearts are too often taught that these endeavors are never-ending,
And tragedy only if we give in

To feed our fears with absence
A disregarded inconvenience
Repeats itself again and again:
We are only innocent
To feed our fears with silence
Brothers keep the best of secrets
We'll say it again and again:
We are only innocent

Wait, love... just let this sink in
I've known you for so long, played for you this requiem
Don't leave, just sit a while
On your branch and in your beauty
Red defying what we've done

(no more)
(never again)
(only innocent)


from Blessed You're Still, released March 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Autumn Above Beverly, Massachusetts

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