from by Autumn Above



(looming beneath the doorway and looking out)
Quit being such a pussy, and wrap things up
Then again this shit's heavy, without a doubt
Maybe you're just the failure you thought you were

I didn't see this coming - is this really unfolding?
Hey, wouldn't that be something
But once it's all over, will I feel the same?

(wandering the streets: dead winter, the night sky grey)
Wondering what they're all thinking - could they relate?
I can still see me swimming out deep to stay

To that abyss so massive; as I break down to join it
Oh, wouldn't that be something
The further I zoom out, the smaller I'll feel

At least I can say I'll never be you.
At least I can say I won't be like you.


from Blessed You're Still, released March 9, 2015



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Autumn Above Beverly, Massachusetts

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