Past You Stained

from by Autumn Above



Three AM glows the radio - I switch off the headlights
Parked to kill by the sidewalk, his house on the left side
The blinds all drawn down, the silence too perfect
And I've naught to fear, for I am the danger

I've been rehearsing what I'd say to you for all my life
Armed with this blade and haunting memories,
It all resets tonight

Picked the locks at the back door - the first floor is clear
Ascend the stairs to the bedroom - the end concealed, near
Beyond this door sleeps my master: the craftsman, the beast,
Architect of my sickness, slayer of infancy

Burst through the door, knife raised with euphoria - first cut not to kill
Look into my eyes, do you remember me?
Are you proud of your creation?

To feel just as they feel: alive
To be cleansed of the past you stained to rise above

Nailed to the ceiling, do you recall what you've done?
Your insides my mobile, twirling above
Nailed to the ceiling, mutilated they'll find
Your lifeless eyes, lidless, staring them down

I am no murderer.


from Blessed You're Still, released March 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Autumn Above Beverly, Massachusetts

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