Am I Capable?

from by Autumn Above



Opened my eyes one foot out the door
Car keys in hand and I could hardly breathe
I've never been known to sleepwalk, yet I know I was dreaming
I just never fell asleep

Above my angels rest
Below their man descends from stability
Am I a danger to myself?
Or am I a danger to everyone I love?

Opened my eyes, one hand in the drawer
Knife clenched in fist - this I fear every day
I've never been known to murder, yet I can't help dreaming
I should be put away

“You're not capable,” they say
Am I capable?

With every day that goes by I change
Would I be better off? I cannot say
Maybe their love could cure it all?
Maybe your love could cure it all?

Opened my eyes for the first time and saw
Your face staring back at me, and I felt alive
You never gave up on me now I see
Even if it comes and goes, you'll be there to hold me down.


from Blessed You're Still, released March 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Autumn Above Beverly, Massachusetts

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